real life, intense Workshops - 10 sessions


  • Household Development (Respect, Hardware, Cooking, Cleaning, Washing Clothes)
  • Outdoor Housing (Yard Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Driving, Carpentry)
  • Recreational Skills (Sports – Football, Basketball, Baseball, Skating)
  • School Fun (Education, Books, Study Skills, Etiquette)
  • Street Awareness (Accountability, Violence, Drugs, Bullying)
  • Friendship (Hobbies, Groups, Peer Pressure, Individualism, Texting, Social Media)
  • Health Awareness (Food, Sex Education, Exercise, Family History)
  • Life as an Adult (Career Development, Resume, Interview, Family)
  • Financial Consciousness (Banking, Budgets, Retirement)
  • Family History (Lineage, Heritage, Genealogy, Hereditary Diseases)


WorkForce Development workshops - 11 specific sessions

  • Goal Setting (The importance of setting expectations)
  • Critical Thinking (Code switching)
  • Effective Resumes and Cover Letters (It's more than just getting the interview)
  • Interview Techniques (How to seal the deal)
  • Self-Awareness (Know thy self and knowing your why)
  • Social Media  (The gray area towards employment)
  • Workplace Etiquette (How to get fired)
  • Attitude (It can be good or it can be bad)
  • Dress For Success (At all times)
  • Planning and Organization (Stay ready so you don't have to get ready)
  • Interpersonal Communication (The different ways to say no)