S.T.O.P. - Seek Time Or Pay

Our 10 Life Programs

Standard Life Programs


Welcome to Boys 2 Bowties Programs List.  These programs are designed to help grow our young men to adulthood.  These programs are designed to work in conjunction with other life enriching activities including Motivational Speakers, Life Coach and Career Development support.  Please reach out to us on our contact page for any further questions or concerns.  These programs are community-based and built for fun and growth.  Thank you for visiting our Programs List.

  • Household Development (Respect, Household Hardware, Cooking, Cleaning, Washing Clothes)
  • Outdoor Housing (Yard Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Driving, Carpentry)
  • Recreational Skills (Sports – Football, Basketball, Baseball, Skating)
  • School Fun (Education, Books, Study Skills, Etiquette)
  • Street Awareness (Accountability, Non-Violence, Anti-Drugs, Bullying)
  • Friendship (Hobbies, Groups, Peer Pressure, Individualism, Texting, Social Media)
  • Health Awareness (Food, Sex Education, Exercise, Family History)
  • Life as an Adult (Career Development, Resume, Interview, Family)
  • Financial Literacy (Banking, Budgets, 401k, Loans, Credit and Debt)
  • Performing Arts (TV Production, Dance, Visual Arts and Music)