We Are Boys 2 Bowties


To show the youth and young adults how to respect every person that they come in contact with regardless of age or culture and hold themselves accountable to their own actions. 


We  will focus on the strengths of each of the youth and young adults. We will concentrate on driving each individual to be more respectful to themselves and others in their community.  

We Are The Change!

We Da People

We have two campaigns that we would love for you to be a part of.  One campaign is S.T.O.P. – Seek Time Or Pay. We must seek the time today to make tomorrow that much better.  This is for the youth, parents, teachers and whomever is looking for a change for the better. Always focus on your strengths, here’s an example – if I choose to be a statistician, I should practice math and numeric equations daily. The other campaign is "commUNITY", with the focus on the UNITY. We should not expect for the surrounding cities, areas, people and neighborhoods to save us, we will come together as a whole for each other. No need to look for help, we are the help!